Web Design

Why choose us as your web design company?

Here at Sincordia, we design our websites with our clients in mind. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the look and feel of their website exceeds their expectations every time. We understand that websites need to be user friendly, as well as goal orientated. This means that not only will your website be amazing for the viewers, it will be a hit with search engines too.

Your website is like the window display for your business; if it looks good, people will come in. Once they are in, they want ease of navigation and interesting content. Choose from a fully bespoke web design or one of our professional templates. We offer responsive web design, so that your website will always look flawless; be it on your computer, tablet or phone.

Our developers are experts in HTML5 and CSS3, so with customers’ needs and their budget in mind, we work to create an outstanding solution to any website problems.

Our web design services are not limited to location. Anyone across the globe can request a Sincordia website.

Unlike The Rest…
All our hosting is done in house, many web designers and developers charge an extortionate rate to host your website with an external hosting company. Here at Sincordia we’re not like the rest. We have a dedicated team including highly skilled web designers and developers that are happy to support you 24/7. If you would like to find out more about our web hosting, please click here.
We Understand…
Our website designs are clean, contemporary and modern. We always keep in mind the needs of you as an individual or as a business. We understand the type of company that you are and the way you want your website to come across. For example, a free-lance photographer would need a website filled with galleries of their work, whereas a solicitors would require a clean, professional looking website. Whatever your industry, we’ve got you covered. 
More Than Looks…
Your website looking amazing is one thing, but handing over the control to your web design team can be scary, and so can the price. We design our websites with a built in Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to manage your content yourself. Click here to find out more. A website should always be pleasing to the eye, however it has a second critic. All of our websites are designed to be SEO friendly, which aids Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Just A Few Of Our Designs


The Process

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The Design Stage
  • Meeting. We meet with you and any other relevant people associated with the project. The aim will be to help us understand your company and your needs.
  • Research. We find your strongest competitors and evaluate what they’re doing right. We present this to you and encourage any feedback.
  • Images. The use of images on a website can be crucial. We can present existing images, stock photos or photos taken by our photographers. This stage can be postponed and temporary images used for design purposes.
  • Present. Once the basics are completed, we will present to you the design we have created. We can then liaise and discuss the positives and negatives and make all relevant changes.
  • Complete. Once you’re entirely happy with the design, it is signed off. Then we move on to the development process.
The Development Stage
  • Content. Once we’re sure that everything works, we request the content from you. This would usually be a word document stating the information required and the relevant page title. Our copywriters can work with you to offer guidance and create the content for you.
  • Set-Up. A development area is created which you can securely access to check the progress of your website build.
  • Building. The Homepage is the first to be built after the design is signed off, the rest of the site follows shortly after.
  • Testing. We thoroughly test your website to ensure that every element works. Testing includes browser compatibility and functions such as contact forms.
  • Sign Off. Once everything is complete, we sign the website off. It is then arranged for the website to go live, using either our in-house hosting service or your existing host.
  • Complete. Your website is now complete. If you have CMS or E-Commerce Management Software we can provide training so that you know exactly how to use it.