Pay Per Click Marketing


What is Pay Per Click marketing?
PPC focuses on keywords. Keyword research, grouping and optimisation are the first step of setting up a PPC marketing campaign. The main idea is usually explained as ‘bidding on keywords’, however there is more to it. Focusing on the correct keywords is essential. If the competition is too high, people with more money to spend will always rank higher in search engines and if the relevance is too low, you’re unlikely to be clicked on. You only pay for the advert when it’s clicked on, not when it’s displayed. PPC marketing is an effective short-term way to increase your ranking in search engines such as Google. It can be an on-going campaign that may be changed or stopped at any time.

The basics
We mentioned ‘competition’ and ‘relevance’ so what do these terms mean? When choosing a key word, you have to evaluate whether it is worth paying for. If the volume (amount of people that search the term) is high, the relevance (how relevant the keyword is to your content) is too low and the competition (how many other companies want this keyword) is high, it’s not worth paying for. If the keyword has little to do with your content, the person that searched for it is unlikely to click on your link. The competition also plays a huge role, if there are lots of other companies bidding for this word, the likelihood of you ranking in the top 10 is low. However, the ideal keywords to bid on would have medium-high volume, high relevance and low competition. Another great feature of PPC is that you can target your ads to particular regions. If you wanted to target people mainly within 30 miles of your store/business, you can.

What we can do for you
Sincordia can run your PPC marketing campaign from start to finish. Our SEO team specialise in keyword research, meaning that you won’t be paying for useless words. We believe that PPC is best coupled with SEO, because if or when you stop your Pay Per Click marketing, your ranking will instantly drop. This is why our SEO team work on ranking your business for organic keywords. Which you’ll be pleased to know, are free! This ensures fast results and longevity, so that once you’re happy, you can stop your PPC marketing and rely solely on organic keywords. If you’d like to read more about our SEO services, please click here.