Email Campaigns

What is so special about Email Campaigns?


Emails are the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your customers. Updates of your products or services you sell, any current special offers or just to stay in contact and keep the relationship current are the main reasons why businesses email their customers. We can help you achieve an excellent email campaign, or give you the tools to develop one yourself.

The most important thing with marketing is consistency. This is why we use your company’s branding and follow the style of your website. With this we create an email template that can be sent to clients. Before it reaches your customer’s inbox, content needs to be added. This could be text, images, social network sharing buttons or links to certain pages on your site. Once the content is filled out, the email is ready to send to your clients, resulting in a professional looking newsletter appearing in their inbox.




Our email campaigns provide you with a set of real time reports which allow you to monitor how many people have opened the emails that you send. You can also view how many people have followed a link to your site from the email or even how many people have shared it on their social networking profiles. You can see the number of emails that have bounced back or how many people have unsubscribed. These email addresses will be automatically removed so you won’t have to manually delete them, saving a lot of time. Your data can be exported to Excel, so that you can store it for offline analysis. You can compare multiple campaigns in order to notice any trends that may occur with people opening or clicking your emails.


Templates and Designcampign

We offer bespoke template designs as well as working with templates created by you. There is no right or wrong way to have a template lay out as it usually follows the house style of your website. You could make your template as complex as you wish, including links to certain sections of your site, special offers that you’re promoting through your campaign or even a small gallery of images. Once your template is created it can be used again and again, with just the content being updated each time. A purely bespoke html can be provided, tailor made to your specifications. Any template that we design will be optimised for viewing on mobile devices as well as any email clients that you use.