Database Application Development


Resiliance and Reliability are key!

Here at Sincordia we are one of the leading companies in the Midlands and London for developing on-line and off-line databases. With over 10 years’ experience with developing databases, we have a wide range of clients from a variety of market sectors across the UK.

Our developers are constantly adjusting and making changes in order to keep up with the latest technology and skills to provide our clients with the most cutting edge applications. In the modern world of IT, most of your administration can be turned into on-line processes, therefore making it easier for all to keep communication open.

We create bespoke database solutions for your company, from online stock control systems to intranets. At Sincordia we have the expertise, the team and the drive to create any on or offline system you require.

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What is a database?

A database is a repository of information, with data traditionally separated into tables, and tables separated into rows and columns, with each column representing a distinct piece of information related to that row. We use dynamic languages such as PHP to access information and link tables together. We usually use PHP, with a database abstraction layer, meaning that our PHP code is not limited to a single database or database type. In theory, a site developed to source data from a MySQL database can me moved onto a server with a MSSQL database, assuming all the data is the same, and it will not need to be re-written.

What technologies do you use?

Our developers are well versed in most if not all database technologies, be it MySQL or MSSQL. This means we are flexible to develop your application in any technology you wish allowing you to not worry about what server environment you need. At Sincordia we will provide you with a professional application that you might not get if you went with just a one man band. This is because there are certain characteristics to consider for a database application to be considered professional. For example:

    • Data Integrity

Making sure data being entered into your database is extremely important. The quality of the data being entered into the database directly affects the quality of data coming out.

    • Security

Making sure your database is the most important factor when developing a database application. Data stored could mission critical or sensitive so making sure it is secure should be number one priority.

    • User Friendly

Ease of use is important in an application because if you have to read a manual or be trained each time you need to use it, it won’t be used to it’s full potential. We make sure your database application is user friendly regardless of computer skill.

What can you develop for me?

We can build nearly enough any database application you require. All of out applications are fully bespoke and built with you in mind. Nothing comes out of a box.

  • Bespoke CRM systems, tailor made for you
  • Survey Tools/Data collection and processing applications
  • Blogs and Forums
  • E-Commerce
  • Stock Movement Analysis Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Blog and News Intergration