Content Management System


What is a Content Management System?

Content Management Systems (CMS) are used to manage your website and keep it up to date, simply and efficiently.

Here at Sincordia we push you to have a better understanding and control over your website. Although we are happy to help, using your Content Management System (CMS) it allows you to add, edit pages and other content to your website as and when needed. Using the CMS you can make small changes such as the phone number, or bigger changes such as changing the whole content of the page. All of the above, can be made by you, without any HTML knowledge needed, this can save you both time and money. By saving these charges and not needing to pay someone to complete these web changes, it then allows you to have extra expenditures in other areas of the business in order to grow.

Content Management System Features
  • Create Unlimited Extra Pages At No Extra Cost
  • Easy To Use Media Libraries And Galleries
  • SEO Friendly
  • Manage And Update Your Website From Anywhere
    • Save Money On Development Time
    • Can Add Easy To Manage Blogs And Categories
    • Multiple Users Collaboration
    • Easier To Add Extra Functionality To Your Site


What if I’ve never used it before?

Our team will work with you and train you on how to use the Content Management System (CMS) so you know all the capabilities and you won’t delete part of your site that you didn’t mean to. Our developers have expertise in many different content management system (CMS) software. These include WordPress (including WooCommerce for WordPress), Magento, Drupal, Joomla! and more. The main Content Management System (CMS) we use is WordPress. However if you have any specific requests please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can use your Content Management System (CMS) from any computer. You don’t need to install any software, just a link to your admin page, your username and password and an internet connection. If your existing website doesn’t have a Content Management System (CMS) then we can add one for you even if it wasn’t us who built the website in the first place. Therefore enabling you to also control your content without having a whole website redeveloped.


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